Revision Questions MSCE

1. What is a Satellite area of coverage known as?

2. What type of stations manage communications between vessels at sea and land earth stations?

3. What type of stations manage communications between mobile and land earth stations?

4. What is the location of Australia’s Land Earth Station(s)?

5. Where are Australia's Land Earth Station(s)?

6. How often should the Inmarsat-C terminal, without GPS interfacing, have position information updated?

7. What service is provided by use of Enhanced Group Calling (EGC)?

8. What information is provided by Marine Safety Information (MSI)?

9. What is The Inmarsat-C antenna radiation hazard range?

10. What is the result should you fail to update position information in an Inmarsat-C terminal within 12 hours?

11. What would be the result of position information not being updated within 12 hours in the Inmarsat-C system?

12. When should an EGC message be repeated?

13. Which word commences an urgency message received by the Enhanced Group Calling (EGC) system?

14. What word should be used to commence shore to ship safety messages?

15. What transmission mode does the Inmarsat-C system use?

16. What method is utilised when transmitting via the Inmarsat-C system?

17. Which service does SafetyNET provide?

18. To whom would EGC broadcasts concerning a distress alert normally be addressed?

19. What is the Inmarsat two-digit code?

20. Which of the following services does FleetNetTM provide?

21. Which statement concerning a distress alert transmitted from an Inmarsat-C Ship Earth Station (SES) terminal is correct?

22. What do the Inmarsat two digit special access codes provide?

23. What method should be used to continue communications after initiating a distress alert via Inmarsat-C?

24. On what basis does Inmarsat-C terminal accept or reject a shore to ship distress alert?

25. What information is required before the EGC receiver can decide whether to accept or reject a shore to ship distress alert?

26. What must the shipboard operator do should he accidently transmit a distress alert?

27. Which information is included in a distress alert transmitted via Inmarsat-C?

28. What interface does Land Earth Stations provide for each ocean region?

29. By whose authority is required before transmitting a distress call and message?

30. What is Enhanced Group Calling (EGC)

31. What is the Inmarsat-C radiation hazard distance?

32. What is the Inmarsat installation aboard a vessel known as?

33. Before entering port and turning off the voltage supply to the Inmarsat-C terminal what action is recommended?

34. What data service does Inmarsat-C provide?

35. What service does the Inmarsat Fleet Service, Fleet 77, provide?

36. What two ocean areas does the Australia LES service?

37. Which of the following is a designated Inmarsat coverage area?

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